Blush Colors for Dusky Skin

Hello! Recently, Sana Safinaz crossed every limit with their lawn campaign promoting colorism, colonialism, racism and cultural appropriation. It made me want to do something to counteract the effect it leaves on our beautiful brown women. So, I thought I’d suggest three basic categories of blush shades that add life to any dusky complexion.

I’ll be showing you all such blushes I have so you can see how easy it is to find blush shades for darker skin in different tones, finishes and formulas.

Berry collage wm


This color is not just for winter. It suits dusky skin A LOT! Check out the berries in my collection.

Essence Home Sweet Home Knits for Chicks LE

  • Most purple among these
  • Quite bright
  • Not a flat matte
  • Pretty pigmented

Inglot Freedom System 126

  • Beautiful raisin shade
  • Has more brown than true berry
  • Great for mature ladies

MMM Radiance Ethereal Glow

  • Great balance of red and pink
  • Baked shimmer but not glittery
  • Super pigmented

Sleek Pomegranate

  • Just like real pomegranate
  • More red than pink
  • Red base with bright pink shimmer
  • Not glittery but has sheen

Rose collage wm


A great color to wear all year round and show your feminine side. Go fresh or romantic 😉

Ben Nye Blush Wheel Pink

  • Cheerful warm fuschia
  • Dreamy formula
  • Perfect control over pigment

Color Studio Pro Pinkify (Discontd.)

  • Has a hint of red
  • Looks very natural
  • Great for beginners (Less pigment)
  • Blends wonderfully

ELF Blush Palette in Light

  • Dark dull pink
  • Not in-your-face
  • Pan comes out of palette

Inglot Freedom System 123

  • French rose with a hint of coral
  • Perfect nude for dusky complexion
  • One of my favorite powder formulas

Orange collage wm


Don’t be intimidated! Orange looks utterly stunning on darker beauties in any season. It’s THE shade for dusky women in my opinion.

Ben Nye Blush Wheel Orange

  • Almost tan and quite neutral in tone
  • My favorite cream formula
  • I use this for color correction too

The Balm Instain Swiss Dot

  • Neutral-ish orange with a hint of coral
  • Not too bright or too dull
  • Packed with pigment

Colorstudio Pro Audacious Orange (Discontd.)

  • Most coral out of these
  • Bright and fun
  • Silvery shimmer
  • Beginner friendly with less pigment


If you’re confused about a blush shade for darker skin, going warmer and darker is always a good idea. A blush with less pigment can be built up and one with high pigment can be toned down.


See you next time!

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