Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask Review


Hi! This week, I will be posting mini reviews of all the products I use in my basic skincare routine. I’ll try to go in order of application. This is not a daily product but one you could use weekly. I am a fan of Freemans’ clay masks but I wanted to try something that would clean my pores better. Skinfood is popular for its face masks and has a variety of them. I chose this one for the pores in my T-zone.


It comes in a compact plastic jar with a thin extra lid to avoid things getting messy. It doesn’t have to be unhygienic if you use a clean spatula or brush to apply it. Use a patting motion to apply a thin layer and wash it off with water once it dries (15 minutes approx.). It dries quickly and washing it off is easier than the clay masks I’ve tried before. No chance of drying out your skin and it cleans blackheads quite well. You can use a gentle face brush to clean the gunk left behind on that area after the blackheads are gone. Good value for the price and suitable for all skin types.

Weight: 125g

Price: $10.50 (I got it from Yesstyle on discount at $9.16)

Availability: Yesstyle, Skinfood official, Daraz.pk (can’t guarantee originality)

 My Rating: 5/5

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