Aura Crafts Hair Cleansers Citrus Berry and Banana Mania Review

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Hey! I’ve been trying to move towards natural cruelty-free hair care for a while now. I decided to try our Aura Crafts’ Citrus Berry and Banana Mania Hair Cleansers. They have third type, Ravishing Rose, but my sister doesn’t like the scent of roses so I didn’t get that one. Aura Crafts has been a reliable local skin care brand for me though it’s a tad expensive. I understand that they are a small company that sells handmade beauty products. They use high quality ingredients and a good percentage of active agents in their products. Did I mention that they don’t test on animals? They mostly use plant-based ingredients but you can read product descriptions in case there is something like honey or beeswax. That’s why I think that their price tags are justified. However, I wish they would offer memberships or regular discounts to their loyal customers.


My biggest complaint is the packaging. It’s compact, sturdy and travel-friendly. However, it’s so hard to dispense the product! The consistency is too thick for this kind of dispenser and the bottle is resistant to squeezing. How do I get out the product? I unscrew the cap *sighs* This is not convenient and it might get water inside your bottle which means that your product could become contaminated since there are no preservatives. I request that they change the packaging ASAP and preferably offer refills because I hate buying and throwing away plastic bottles. Glass would be a good alternative but it might hike up the price and people feel it’s a hazard in the bathroom. I would appreciate if you could take a minute to sign this petition to end plastic pollution in Pakistan (here)

Quantity & value

Each bottle contains 200 ml of product but the price differs depending on the ingredients. The Banana Mania type costs 800 PKR while the other two types cost 750 PKR. As I’ve explained before, I think the price is not unfair but I wish savings were available. I’ve looked into similar products and this seems like a reasonable price tag compared to others in the market as well. As for how quickly it is consumed, the Banana Mania type is consumed faster because it is twice as thick as the Citrus Berry type and you can accidentally dispense more than intended. It’s like mashed banana inside a thick syrup. It’s gloopy if that makes sense. The Citrus Berry is like a thick syrup without the mashed fruit. Surprisingly, it lasts longer than I expected so don’t feel like the quantity is less. It’s quite alright even for daily cleansing.


From Aura Crafts’ official website:

Banana Mania: Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Oil, Goat Milk, Banana Pulp, Lye, Distilled Water.

Citrus Berry: Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Gooseberry (Amla), Soapnut (Reetah), Acacia Concinna (Sekakai), Aloe Vera, Grapefruit Essential Oil Blend, Lye, Distilled Water.

You can see that these are all natural hair cleansers with promising formulas. The only chemical here is lye which sodium hydroxide (NaOH). It’s an alkali that’s used in homemade soaps and shampoos. It’s perfectly safe when used within limits and I can confidently say the percentage in these hair cleansers is alright. Free alkali makes your skin/ scalp dry and strips all natural oils. I am sure you’ll have noticed this in cheap soaps or heavy duty soaps. Notice something missing in these lists? Yes, no sulphates! Sulphates are meant to shake loose dirt and oil but they are generally used over the limit allowed by the FDA. That’s why shampoos containing sulphates kill the health of your hair and scalp no matter what they promise. There is no added fragrance or colour which is excellent. Fragrances are just extra chemicals that mean nothing and may have harmful effects. Although parabens (normally artificial preservatives) have not been proven to be bad people prefer to stay away from them. There are no carcinogens or parabens in these hair cleansers.

Product claims

From Aura Crafts’ official website:

Banana Mania: Banana Mania Hair Cleanser repairs dry and damaged hair, leaving it soft and beautifully smooth. Made with goat milk and fresh banana purée, this cleanser hydrates, strengthens and gently cleans hair for a luscious shine. Ideal for dry and damaged hair. Keep in mind that natural hair cleansers will always make hair feel different than commercial shampoo. It should be used as a treatment cleanser for long-term healthy hair.


Citrus Berry: Our hair cleansers are all about nourishing and repairing your hair with an array of natural ingredients. In Citrus Berry, we have combined the powers of Aloe Vera, Amla, Reetah and Sekakai to create a cleanser that strengthens and revitalizes your hair. Ideal for limp and dull hair. Keep in mind that 100% natural cleansers will always make hair feel different than commercial shampoo. It should be used as a treatment cleanser for long-term healthy hair.


My hair profile

Let’s talk about my hair habits and conditions first. I don’t have virgin hair but I don’t dye them regularly. I box-dyed them once months ago and the colour has worn off since. I hate using heat or styling products on my hair. I might blow dry them during the colder months but that’s all. I have shoulder length hair with normal volume and fine silky strands. It is quite manageable and I don’t have any serious hair issues. I am not a fan of oiling my hair. I have to wash my hair daily otherwise the oil makes them look really bad though my scalp is sensitive and dry. The first time I used a sulphate-free shampoo (Palmer’s) I realized how much damage sulphates can do. Chemicals change your hair texture which is really bad! They steal the life from your hair and they just lie limp no matter how manageable they seem to you.

My experience

Like Aura Crafts say, these are not meant to remove oil. Since sulphates remove dirt easily, these cleansers tend to retain some dirt which is great. You know how people buy expensive sea salt texture sprays? Well, why spend money on them when dirt is free? These hair cleansers remove most of the dirt and natural oil but retain enough to keep your hair set. You know how sulphate-containing shampoos make your hair super squeaky clean? These don’t do that. It’s so much easier to maintain a hair style and not have your hair slipping out of hair ties. The best part is that my waves are back! These hair cleaners are excellent at preserving your natural hair texture. I think people with wavy and curly hair will love them. If your hair is silky, do yourself a favour and buy these right now! The downside is that the dirt accumulation eventually reaches a limit LOL. There’s too much pollution around us and we all know what happens on dusting days. I recommend using a sulphate shampoo (sadly) once a week or whenever you feel like you have reached that limit. It’s just to remove all the dirt properly. Make sure you wash your strands well with these cleansers because unlike sulphate shampoos, a swipe through your hair is not good enough. The perks are that my hair fall is no more. I used to have more random white hair strands but they’ve nearly disappeared. I feel like my hair colour is much richer than before and it shines. I can’t say if this has helped my hair growth but I am growing out my hair these days and it’s growing well. Since my hair isn’t lying limp anymore it feels bouncy and thick. My hair is happy. That’s the best description I can think of.

Now, let me give you a preview of what to expect while using them. Most shampoos in the market have conditioners in them so your hair becomes soft (and dead) after washing them. This is not the case with Aura Crafts’ hair cleansers. The Banana Mania type is definitely more hydrating than the Citrus Berry type but it is still not going to leave your hair soft like a conditioner would. Your hair will seem kind of stuck together. Don’t panic! They won’t be like that after drying. Still, please use a wash off or leave-in conditioner after using these hair cleansers. This is very important! Please be extra careful while applying them and drying your hair. There is plenty of foam but there are no sulphates to separate the strands (and kill them). I love using The Body Shop Grape Seed Glossing Serum after every wash (review coming soon).



After using these hair cleansers for several weeks, I am happy to report that their product claims are not false. They help with long term hair health 100% while protecting your hair from chemicals like sulphates. I actually damaged my hair by using a free Miniso shampoo (which I now use as a bathroom cleaner) and the damage was repaired pretty quickly.  I could have shown you pictures but honestly, they wouldn’t have shown you much of anything.

My Rating: 4/5


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  • Repairs damage
  • Anti-hair fall
  • Promotes long term health
  • Not drying for scalp
  • Natural ingredients
  • No sulphates, carciogens or parabens (lye alternative)
  • No artificial scent or colour
  • No animal testing (Banana Mania has goat milk)
  • No preservatives
  • Compact travel-friendly packaging


  • May be expensive for some
  • Bad dispenser design

Have you tried any of Aura Crafts’ hair cleansers? What did you think?

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    ShehrBano khattak
    November 12, 2018 at 6:12 am

    I have been looking for sulphate free shampoo from so long now, thanks for sharing this! I love the idea of refill pouches and loyalty cards, hope they work on it. GREAT REVIEW

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      November 12, 2018 at 8:11 am

      Thanks Sherry <3 I know it's not for everyone because many people don't care about sulphates in cleansers. Hope it suits you!

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