Bookings for online personalized makeup courses are now open!

Online Makeup Course Content

This makeup course is designed to teach you the basics of building a skincare routine for your skin type as well as doing makeup according to your natural features. I will be teaching you how to enhance various features, popular makeup looks and requested makeup looks. It covers product recommendations and making the most out of the products that you already own.

Class 1: My Biggest Problems

Solving your toughest struggles while doing makeup on yourself. I recommend you take this class first to see if you are satisfied with me being your instructor.

Charges: 500 PKR/ hour

Class 2: Help My Skin!

Personalized skincare routine plus product recommendations and skin prep for makeup according to your skin type.

Charges: 500 PKR/ hour

Class 3: My Trusty Tools

How to use the beauty tools your already have and product recommendations for missing ones that you need. Learn basic makeup hygiene to stay germ-free and beautiful.

Charges: 500 PKR/ hour

Class 4: I Woke Up Like This

Creating your complexion according to your features and tricks for getting different looks with the same products (foundation, corrector, concealer, bronzer, contour, highlighter, blush and lipstick). Product recommendations are included too.

Charges: 650 PKR/ hour

Class 5: My Mesmerizing Eyes

Defining your eyebrows and eyes in the most flattering way. This includes various types of eyeliner and eyeshadow techniques that suit you best. Learn to balance different colours and kinds of eyeshadow formulas.

Charges: 650 PKR/ hour

Class 6: Meet the New Me

How to do a full face of makeup on your request. Learn a new look that you love!

Charges: 700 PKR/ hour

Class 7: This Is Me

How to create a brand new signature look based on your features and personality.

Charges: 700 PKR/ hour

Class 8: I Feel Fabulous!

How to create the perfect full face smokey eye glam.

Charges: 700 PKR/ hour

Terms and Conditions

  • All appointments must be made via Facebook or Instagram messages
  • Please make an appointment at least a day before
  • No changes will be made to the hourly rates listed on my website
  • Advance payments must be sent to my bank account or JazzCash account
  • You can choose any of the classes you like or take the whole course
  • Appointments will be made according to mutual convenience

Here are few looks I have created for your inspiration. See you in class!